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Demartini Facilitator
Fostering adaptive leadership
for your team and organization
towards sustainable success
Cultivating Human Potential 
Unlock Your Triad Hidden Power  
and Achieve Your Goals and Dreams...
Faster and Easier Than Ever Before
Learn How to Become a Conscious Leader
Personal Coaching and Mentoring

- Confidence and self-belief

- Self-awareness and insight

- Perspective and inspiration

- Developing new skills

Professional Strategy and Consultin
Professional Strategy
and Consulting

- Focus and alignment

- Resilience and leadership

- Professional development

- Foster innovation

Workshops and Speaking
and Speaking

Interactive and engaging topics including disruptive leadership, goal planning, enhancing corporate culture and improving wellness 

Claim your inspiration

Living and achieving an inspiring

life is possible once you start

mastering your Axiology


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Ignite your relationships

Caring about other people Axiology and aligning your value to their is vital

for a fulfilling relationship



Awaken your leadership

Leading from the heart and knowing your Axiology is the key to become

a conscious leader  




The study of human behavior has always fascinated me. I have developed a wealth of experience adapting to and understanding different cultures, societies, and personalities. 


My coaching career began in 2008 at Simulika Solutions. I played a significant role in developing the potential of many team members. I then capitalized on my expertise working as a senior manager for McKesson Canada, one of the largest pharmaceutical companies in the world, where I had the opportunity to lead and inspire my team and achieve a 93% engagement score.


My insight into the corporate world and first-hand experience as an entrepreneur, combined with my Demartini Institute certification, enables me to provide the necessary coaching and methodologies for individuals seeking clear vision and empowerment that leads to an inspired and meaningful life.

What People Say About Me

Johnny Marya from McKesson

Johnny Marya

Account Executive

You helped me clear my vision and understand everything as a whole rather than separate events. That allowed me not waste time and energy on goals that are futile.

Ivana Matijasevic

Ivana Matijasevic

Senior Policy Analyst

I was chasing unrealistic expectations which had a  negative impact on my personal life. Thank you, George, for dissolving my fear and enable me to take control of my destiny.

Benjamin Bronstein from McKesson

Benjamin Bronstein

Supervisor Quality Control

Your coaching helped me in so many ways. I became clear on my purpose which allowed me to set meaningful goals and maximize my chances to achieve them.

Luc Bouchard from McKesson

Luc Bouchard

Senior Software Developer

George is passionate in his
teaching; he brings a vision and knows how to listen and dissect
human behavior to guide me toward a more fulfilling career path. I am grateful to him.


... I am always just a click away ...

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