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Explore the next level in the science of healing with proven principles and practices that balance your Mind, Heart, and Life.

Discover how to tap into the energetic quantum field to expand your capacity to heal and create your life anew in each moment.

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Master of Bioenergetic Medicine & Quantum Field Visionary 
Dr. Sue Morter

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Axiology is the cornerstone of human behavior and the key to self-mastery, living on purpose, and achieve full consciousness. Axiology is the study of worth and values.

Values arise from what you perceive as most missing in your life, also called “Void” The summation of your voids dictates your decisions and actions and will ultimately shape
your evolving life journey.

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The Pure Art Foundation works primarily with communities in the Manantay slums of Pucallpa, a Peruvian Amazon town, living without access to clean water, housing, the means to education & local first-line health care. We believe that health, shelter & education are the pillars of a strong community and the means of restoring human dignity in communities stricken by poverty.


The 100% Model

A model for change that continues to give back 100%. We partner with the Pure Art Boutique, a Canadian fair trade store, operating as a non-profit, that absorbs the administrative costs of running the Foundation. This way, we ensure that 100% of public donations go directly to our sustainability programs in Peru, Tanzania & Nepal.

The Art of Shopping with a Purpose™ is a partnership between the Pure Art Foundation and the Pure Art Boutique. It’s a model, beyond charity, that brings Fair Trade principles, talented artisans & sustainable development into a partnership that seeks to empower marginalized communities from around the world through the healing power of art. Working directly with artisan co-ops & other fair trade brands with their own social missions, we are able to create a ripple effect for social change that touches a growing network of people.