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Triad Model of Consciousness: Your Life Coach Montreal

If you're looking for free coaching near me, it's likely that you need a life coach near me who can help you make some positive changes. At Triad Model of Consciousness, I'm a life coach Montreal who can help you make the necessary changes in your professional and personal life to become the happiest, most productive version of yourself.

People who search for free coaching near me or a life coach near me are usually already on the path to self-improvement. When you book sessions with a life coach Montreal, we'll talk about what's going well in your life, and how to keep those things going. We'll look at the things that you want to change, and we'll use my understanding of human behavior to develop concrete steps for you to take to get you closer to where you want to be in your life.

The Triad Model of Consciousness combines three pillars: perception, decision, and action. These three factors work together to inform human behavior. When we talk about your perception of events in your life, we'll work to transform your thought process. Often, our assumptions about what's going on with other people can lead us to a negative perception of the events in our lives, even though we're telling ourselves a story that is likely untrue. We'll work through your decisions, and we'll talk about how to confidently make decisions and stick with your choices. We'll use those decisions to inform your actions. We'll continue to work through these steps of consciousness as we develop a long-term plan to guide you toward professional and personal success.

I understand that it can be tough to reach out to a life coach, as it means you're trusting someone with your thoughts and problems. I never judge - I'm simply here to help. Give me a call or reach out online today to learn more about how I can help guide you to personal and professional success.

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