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The Manantary District

A squatter community of 15,000 without access to


Proper Shelter . Clean Water . Health Care . Education

Pucallpa, Peru

The Pure Art Foundation, located in Hudson Quebec, works primarily with communities in the Manantay slums of Pucallpa, a Peruvian Amazon town, living without access to clean water, housing, the means to education & local first-line health care.


We believe that health, shelter & education are the pillars of a strong community and the means of restoring human dignity in communities stricken by poverty.

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The 100% Model

A model for change that continues to give back 100%. We partner with the Pure Art Boutique, a Canadian fair trade store, operating as a non-profit, that absorbs the administrative costs of running the Foundation. This way, we ensure that 100% of public donations go directly to our sustainability program.

The Art of Shopping with a Purpose™ is a partnership between the Pure Art Foundation and the Pure Art Boutique. It’s a model, beyond charity, that brings Fair Trade principles, talented artisans & sustainable development into a partnership that seeks to empower marginalized communities from around the world through the healing power of art. Working directly with artisan co-ops & other fair trade brands with their own social missions, we are able to create a ripple effect for social change that touches a growing network of people.

My Contribution to Humanity

My Choice to Make a Difference

Why am I doing this?


Having a meaningful impact on the lives of people who needed the most. I am so blessed to have a loving family, three healthy kids and living in a country, Canada, where we are privileged to have access to things beyond the necessity. We are all One as humans, and we are all connected and contributing to the evolution of humankind and planet earth. 


I decided to join the Pure Art Foundation because I believe in the mission of providing shelter, water and education, and offering hopes and opportunities to the people in Pucallpa, Peru. In addition, I wanted to give back to my community where my family and I live.     


How am I contributing?

  • I am a volunteer offering my skills, time and resources in helping the team and the committee to achieve their objectives and promised toward to the people of Pucallpa.

  • I am committed to donating 15% for every dollar my company is generating in providing coaching for individuals and businesses. 


Eligibility and application process

The Pure Art Foundation is a registered Canadian Charity (# 84709-8787 RR001) committed to poverty alleviation and empowerment in marginalized communities.


In order to be eligible and receive a donation income tax receipt, please fill the form completely so we can issue and mail the receipt to your address.  

You too can make a difference in the world

Thank you for your support.

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