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3 Key Elements to Ignite Your Soul and Goals

I always ask myself why people wait until the start of the new year to decide they are ready and willing to make a commitment to improving an aspect of their lives. For example, they might desire to achieve meaningful relationships, quit smoking, lose weight, or become an author and successful leader. It puzzles me. What makes them think that after all the excesses of the holidays, and possibly putting themselves more into debt, that come January everything will change?

Living, to me, is timeless energy in motion. Therefore, any time is a good time to initiate something new and improve the status quo, as long as we set an objective aligned to what we really desire, and that reflects who we really are.

Those who are confused about their true purpose in life will continue to live with the delusion that whatever they set as a goal will miraculously happen without any effort on their part. People who live in this kind of wish-fulfillment fantasy will abandon their resolutions within days or weeks. Ultimately, only 8% of goal-setters will be


I’ve had my share of resolution challenges, and after many years’ rich in achievements and setbacks, I learned to pause and ask myself; “what am I gaining from the event that is occurring at this moment?’” This single important and valuable question changed my life. This reflection allowed me to connect to my deep pure soul, and overcome any fear that is preventing me from tapping into my full potential.

Goals have no limits and they are all attainable. There are many books, articles and theories about goal setting and a few of them are worth reading. I will share with you what really worked for me, and this was regardless of the situation, its timing or my age at the time.

If you’re setting resolutions for 2017, I believe there are three key elements that will make them come true:

1. Believe in yourself. This is the most powerful criterion for success, period.

As long as you don’t believe in what you are doing or in what you want to achieve, someone else will dictate your path and destiny.

Fear is the biggest reason why 92% of people do not achieve their goals. Fear manifests itself in different ways such as rejection, failure, lack of knowledge and subordination to other people or, even more, prevalent today, the social environment.

I remember back in 1990 when my family first came to Quebec and I started my first semester of university in a mechanical engineering program. I did not know what to expect and, sure enough, I dropped two courses and failed the other two. It was my first time learning about topics such as differential equations and applied mechanics. I was devastated, until one night I was enlightened in a way that only a mother can do. She shared her deep love and told me, ‘’Son, your father and I love you no matter what. If the engineering degree is what you want, then we believe in you and you must believe in yourself.’’ I will never forget those words and to this day they still resonate in me every time I face a challenge or an obstacle.

My question to you is: do you believe in yourself enough to awaken your leadership and self-confidence? Do you believe that everything is possible? Do you love what you do in a way to value your self-worth so you can stop sabotaging your decisions and feel good about them?

Believing is important, but it is never enough; it must be followed by a commitment and dedicated action to move forward.

2. Immerse yourself. Become fully committed to what you want to achieve.

Astronauts immerse themselves in space exploration and divers immerse themselves in the unknown of the deep sea. They do this because they want to learn and refine their knowledge. They want to develop experience and expertise in what they do best. But, they also want to be emotionally connected and sensitive to their environment so they can move through it almost by instinct. A more universal analogy would be a mother who, just by looking at her child, can tell right away what the child wants.

The more you’re immersed in your goals, the more likely you will be to achieve them. Plan, study and master every single step to your destination. Your vision will become clear and your ability will expand. Immersion will help you remain focused and persistent.

In regards to my university degree, the following semester I took the same four courses. This time, however, I immersed myself totally in learning every new concept in math and physics. I purchased additional materials, I stayed late to ask questions, I studied hard and I was committed to passing, which I did. My perseverance paid off.

My question to you is: do you get immersed or procrastinate? Do you share and exemplify your knowledge with others? Do you persist to the finish line?

The easiest way to become immersed is to truly believe in your goal and desire to do what’s right for you.

3. Be true to yourself. This is so magical that if you are honest with yourself, things will happen naturally.

Do you know that the subconscious mind actually exists? It is this voice inside of you that is constantly in dialogue with your conscious mind. It is like a couple: when there is an agreement, the relationship is nourished with love and the communication is caring. However, when there is disagreement, conflict emerges in the relationship and you start doubting yourself and live in a dilemma.

Alignment between your subconscious and the conscious mind is crucial to develop self-awareness and understand your true mission in life. The moment you submit or you compare yourself to someone else is the time when you split yourself and your integrity as a whole. If you can reach this balance in your state of mind, magic happens and the universe will reward you, as long as you believe and you’re fully immersed in your mission.

After my first successful semester, I knew what my calling was. I never looked back and I kept going until I finally earned my engineering degree. I did not stop there, and to this day I’ve managed to overcome challenges by applying the same attitude and methodology. This is what worked for me and I hope these 3 key elements can also help you in fulfilling your dreams.

My question to you is: are you brutally honest with yourself? Do you know the inner power and courage in you? Do you split yourself up and submit, or do you remain strong and decisive to your highest purpose?

Life is a journey full of good and bad, support and challenges. We need both sides for us to grow and enrich our lives. Accept the challenges and embrace the results whatever the outcome. If they are good, then you know you are on the right path. If they are bad, then it means that the universe is trying to tell you that you need to take another look at your goals as they may not be properly aligned with your true self. Ponder your actions, review your decisions, and set a new path.



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