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Inspiring and empowering individuals and businesses

Portfolio of services

Personal Coaching

Personal Coaching and Mentoring for Relationships, Inspiration & Leadership

The benefits of personal coaching and mentoring include:​

  • a confidential space to take stock of where you are

  • confidence and self-belief building 

  • leadership development through greater self-awareness and insight

  • a forum to examine different approaches to dealing with a particular challenge or situation

  • support in developing new skills, perspectives and great resilience 

  • ways and modes of managing stress and identifying personal coping mechanisms

Professional Strategy

Individual one-on-one sessions and group workshops available to include:

  • Leadership and professional development

  • Clearer communication and improved internal functioning

  • Greater morale and initiative taking

  • Clearer focus and alignment on priority issues

  • Clarity around roles and responsibilities

  • Better understanding of company goals, values, vision and mission

Professional Individual and Group Strategy and Consulting


Workshops, Conferences and Speaking Engagements

I am an experienced and inspiring speaker and can be booked for workshops, conferences or keynote speeches.


Subjects can include disruptive leadership, enhanced corporate culture, aligning employee and company values, perfectionism and procrastination, managing stress, and goal setting. 

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